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The Mitchell museum is a nonprofit that our team here at Northfield Development believes in and continues to support. The museum features the paintings, illustrations, and sketches of Arthur Roy Mitchell, known as “King of the Pulp Magazine Covers”. The collection includes over 350 of Mitchell’s works, Spanish folk art, and Native American artwork.

You can read more about the museum and its mission here. Want to join our efforts in raising 20 million dollars to support our charities? Please contact us here: 214-702-0588 or email us at

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We are Trinidad: A.R. Mitchell Museum

TRINIDAD, Colo. — The A.R. Mitchell Museum has become more than a space celebrating the pulp western artist, and to show what it’s all about, Allyson Sheumaker, Executive Director of the museum, took FOX21’s Ashley Nanfria on a tour.

The A.R. Mitchell Museum is located in the old Jamieson Department Store. After the store closed, the museum took over the space and used it to display the works of Arthur Roy Mitchell, who was known for his pulp western magazine illustrations.

The museum features a gallery of artists, mostly Colorado-based, to honor Mitchell who became an art educator, starting the art department at what was the Trinidad State Junior College, now Trinidad State College.

The first Friday of every month is feautures an art walk in downtown Trinidad, where businesses stay open later and there is live music all along Main Street. August will feature the gallery’s curator Cody Kuehl.

To learn more go to the museum’s website.