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Ethan Colavecchio

Ethan is a talented REALTOR® with a dedication to commitment, dedication, and trust. Having traveled across the country living in Arizona, Oregon, and New Jersey garnering him a wealth of cultural knowledge which he has applied to the melting pot of society here in Dallas for the past 15 years. Capable and performing, his dedication is to guiding first-time home buyers towards a comprehensive and smooth transaction process. Having purchased his own house at the age of 19 helped ignite a passion for helping clients avoid all the headaches and frustrations he once went through. With an eye on current events and a tab on the ever-growing market, he knows more than anyone how important it is to be ahead of the curve especially in Real Estate. With a family of Real Estate agents, he understands just how important negotiations can be when buying or selling a property. He believes that a client not only be confident that he’ll meet their needs but that a client is confident in the Real Estate process as a whole.

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